It is clear Nebraskans want a governor who will work hard to bring our residents back together by inspiring hope and working to transform our divisions. Let’s normalize listening to understand each other when we talk about the issues that divide us. We can extend grace and seek out common interests to build a better Nebraska because when we find our common ground, we are strong. We can start to tear away labels that keep us apart and find ways to generate productive civic action and policies that benefit most Nebraskans, not just a small privileged few.

Together our voices are strong. We can work together to make a better Nebraska. Our shared future depends on us. Let’s work together to heal Nebraska from toxic polarization, one Nebraskan at a time. Help me make this a reality. Onward and upward to a brighter future for all!

Senator Carol Blood

Candidate for Nebraska Governor


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The most important thing you can do right now is to talk to voters – face to face, person to person.

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