Record of Success

Carol Blood has been a public servant for the community of Bellevue since 2008. Since then, she has done much to move the community forward. These progressive ideas and initiatives have saved area taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

Major initiatives brought forward by Carol Blood while on the City Council include:

  • Introducing a Vacant Property Committee, which resulted in legislation to protect municipalities against the high costs involved with foreclosed properties
  • Publically fighting the Omaha Wheel Tax to protect Sarpy County taxpayers
  • Working with police to create citizen-focused policies such as the Disorderly House Ordinance to protect our neighborhoods and the Secondhand Sales Ordinance to help residents protect/reclaim stolen property
  • Presenting the Neighborhood Calming Procedure to give power of change to those experiencing dangerous traffic issues
  • Proposing updated animal ordinances, including a policy in which first offender pets receive a free ride home instead of being taken to a shelter
  • Working with the 270 Acre Committee to develop city-owned property that previously sat vacant for decades
  • Proposing an existing location for the new Police Station/Public Safety Building as an alternative to constructing a new building, saving area taxpayers more than $20 million.
  • Championing the Bellevue Neighborhood Betterment Grant Program that will allow residents to apply for grants from the Community Betterment Fund (Keno Dollars-Not City Coffers) to help improve their communities.
  • Bringing forward a new open data policy to reduce city staff’s time on repetitive information requests, create a more transparent government, act as a strong engine for area economic development, and encourage community participation
  • Working with Councilman Knutson to champion Bellevue's new Convention Center, (opening August 2016) and ensure that the center created no additional tax burden
  • Drafting Bellevue's first Complete Streets document to use as springboard for the committee and Green Bellevue to amend and implement.
  • Working with the area Chamber of Commerce, administration, and city council to promote LB-840, allowing Bellevue to utilize important incentives for local economic development
  • Bringing forward the Telecommunications Tax Audit, resulting in thousands of dollars being returned to Bellevue, Papillion, and La Vista city coffers
  • Coordinating and organizing Bellevue’s participation in the Late Night With Seth Meyers Tournament of Things

As a Your Representative in the Nebraska Legislature, Carol Blood has worked hard to successfully address legislation that supports our service men/women and their families by passing common sense legislation that removes hurdles to employment, protects seriously disabled military dependents, adds additional consumer protections for our military, and addresses issues important to upcoming BRAC rounds.

Blood has worked to create greater transparency on outstanding campaign fines held by elected officials; pushed for legislation that makes local government more cost efficient, transparent and effective; and eliminated hurdles to employment  in a variety of fields.

As you can see by the votes recorded, she has worked to bring bi-partisan consensus on her bills as they are good for all Nebraskans and the state functions better when all of its elected officials can work together.

Blood has co-sponsored a long list of additional bills that protect our most vulnerable, address the over-taxation of social security and remove unnecessary obstacles to effective government.

She will continue to address public safety issues, laws that pertain to our military families and veterans, protect our most vulnerable, education and find creative ways to stimulate our economy in the upcoming session. If we are to address the property tax issue, Blood feels that we must find creative ways outside of taxation to balance Nebraska's three-legged stool.

Links have been provided on the "About" page that will direct you to copies of the bills Blood championed and were passed, as well as the transcripts from those hearing. You are encouraged to review these and learn more about how they will help District 3 residents.

Community Activities

Senator Carol Blood continues to be a highly involved citizen working to make our communities better places to live and raise our families. Her voice will be your voice because she truly understands the area she serves and the people who live here.

Her record of current and past community involvement includes (but is not limited to):

  • Chair of Bellevue Police Community Foundation
  • Chair of Bellevue Public Safety Foundation
  • Sarpy County Historical Museum Board Member
  • Olde Towne Development Committee Member
  • Nebraska Veterans Parade Chair
  • RiverFest Volunteer
  • Bellevue Police Citizens Advisory Council Chair
  • Bellevue Senior Center (IT Volunteer)
  • WorldFest Chair
  • Member of the League of Nebraska Municipalities Legislative Committee Representing Bellevue
  • Bellevue Farmers' Market Volunteer Organizer/Chair
  • Backpacks/School Supplies Giveaway For Military Children
  • Rosie Reviere, Engineer STEM Programming for 4th Grade Girls
  • Fresh Food Drive For Victory Apartments-Serving the Needs of Homeless Veterans